TG TALK - Teleticino 5 novembre 2018

TG TALK Teleticino 5 novembre 2018   Al TG Talk di Teleticino Gardi Hutter descrive il nuovo spettacolo GAIA GAUDI, che a Lugano, in occasione di LuganoInScena sarà presentato sabato 8 dicembre alle ore 20:30 e domenica 9 dicembre 2018 alle o

Gardi Hutter
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Since 1981, Gardi Hutter has taken her clown theatre halfway round the world, putting over 3600 shows in 33 countries so far. She has created 8 theatre and 1 circus productions and been awarded 17 prizes for her art. Gardi Hutter produziert autonom. She performs in theatres and barns, concert halls and culture factories, festivals and favelas – greeted with enthusiasm by public and press wherever she goes.
Whether she appears as washerwoman, mouse, prompter or tailor, her almost wordless solos uncover tiny, absurd universes in which the characters put up a brave but forlorn fight for happiness. The tragicomedy is remorselessly carried to the limit, to the delight of the audience.

Gardi Hutter’s stories are tragicomic parables of the today world, with moll and without moralizing.  Her characters show all facets of female non-virtues: tousled, fury, nasty, crazy, touching and poetic. 
The press calls her a “comic phenomena”.

gaia spettacolo1
Gardi Hutter, the most famous clown in Switzerland, and for many media, including the world, has teamed up with three young artists to create a "generational" show. They speak - living it directly on stage....


Hanna, a washwoman who dreams of great heroic deeds, tousled and airy-fairy, doesn’t have an easy life.
Unmanageable clothespins, sneaky laundry lines...


Prompters, as a species of the root vegetable family, are threatened by extinction. They always look up to the world. Out from the hole, so to speak. They know the whole play and all the actors by heart.
is world is the table of tailoring. Peering between the eyelets you can see through the fabric of a thousand stories.Among rag dolls and mannequins dancing, Gardi Hutter sews the plot of the show without sparing snips and malice.


A hungry mouse longingly watches a round cheese from a telescope stove pipe - so close and at the same time so unreachable: It dangles in a mousetrap! The ancestral portraits that dangle from the frame ...


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