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The tailor Joan of ArPpo/The brave Jane The prompter Cheese!


Clown HANNA plays with existential troubles. Her stories - wordless, but full of gibberish - are tragi-comic parables of a hopelessly brave woman and her comic struggles with life: disheveled and furious, nasty and crazy, touching and poetic. In each show, she creates an absurd universe, a kind of a Donna Quixote fighting windmills. She always fails – but in a brilliant way.
One thing she knows for sure: she is not fat… the mirror is too narrow.

Gardi Hutter studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts of Zurich, Switzerland (now ZHdK – University of Arts) and created her own clown style in Italy, in collaboration with Ferruccio Cainero and the CRT- Centro di ricerca per il teatro of Milano.

Since 1981 she has produced seven Clown theatre shows and has performed about 3300 shows in 30 countries all over the world. For one season, she played in the Swiss National Circus Knie. She has garnered 13 cultural prizes in Europe and had the honor to play as court jester in the Swiss Parliamant for the 700th celebration.


The press calls her a “comic phenomena”. “She not only believes in her own catastrophic fantasies, she loves them” - The Philadelphia Inquirer