Since 1981, Gardi Hutter has taken her clown theatre halfway round the world, putting over 3500 shows in 33 countries so far. She has created seven theatre and one circus productions and been awarded 14 prizes for her art. Gardi Hutter produziert autonom.
Sie spielt in Schauspielhäusern und Scheunen, in Konzertsälen und Kulturfabriken, in Casinos und Kasernen, in Festivals und Favelas - überall wird sie von Publikum und Presse mit Begeisterung empfangen.
She performs in theatres and barns, concert halls and culture factories, festivals and favelas – greeted with enthusiasm by public and press wherever she goes.
Whether she appears as washerwoman, mouse, prompter or tailor, her almost wordless solos uncover tiny, absurd universes in which the characters put up a brave but forlorn fight for happiness. The tragicomedy is remorselessly carried to the limit, to the delight of the audience.

Gardi Hutter’s stories are tragicomic parables of the today world, with moll and without moralizing. Her characters shows all facets of female non-virtues: tousled, fury, nasty, crazy, touching and poetic.
The press calls her a “comic phenomena”.

RESUME    -      FACTS                                        GARDI HUTTER

Education by Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zurich              1974-1977

Apprentice clown for 3 years by CRT - Centro di ricerca per il teatro, Milano with "maestros"

- Nani Colombaioni - from “I Colombaioni”, known of the Fellini Film : “I Clowns”

- Mario Gonzales - Pantalone of the “Théâtre du soleil”, Paris

- Ferruccio Cainero -Teatro Ingenuo, Italian clowngroup

Actor in comic theatre productions

Aristophanes: "The knighters"        directed by Mario Gonzales              1979

Aristophanes: "Pluto"                      directed by Teatro Ingenuo                1980

Produced by "CRT - Centro di ricerca teatrale - Milano" - Tour throughout Italy

Since 1981 is Gardi with her whole productions in tour:

More than 3500 performances in 32 countries and 4 continents, including Sweden, Switzerland, Russia,Brazil, China, Spain, Andorra, and the United States

Recordings on TV in 17 countries - Creation of sketches for TV and films - Countless radio programs - 26 boxes full of critics and reviews

SOLO SHOWS (author & performer)

- "Joan of ArPpo"   (a laundry comedy) by Cainero+Hutter - Dir.: F. Cainero                                               1981

- "Cheese"               (a mouse comedy) by Cainero+Hutter+M.Wetter - Dir.: F. Cainero                        1988

- "The prompter"     (a theatre underground comedy)

                                 by & with G. Hutter - Dir. Fritzi Bisenz + Ueli Bichsel                                                2003.

- "The tailor"            (a survival comedy) by G. Hutter+M. Vogel

                                 Dir.: Michael Vogel (Familie Flötz)                                                            2010

Spettacoli da clown DUO

- "Abra Catastrophe"     by/with Minnie Marx - Dir: F. Cainero                                         1984

- "Cercasi segretaria"     by FC+ GH + Barbara Frey - with Eric A. Rohner - Dir.: FC                             1994

- "RISATE NOTTurne"   by/with Ueli Bichsel + Gardi Hutter                               1998

Circus clown

"Hanna & Knill" at the Swiss National Circus Knie - Dir: F. Cainero2000

6 numbers by/with Ueli Bichsel + Gardi Hutter + Neda + Maite


-"The brides"                                                                                            2005/6

  Musical by/with Gardi Hutter + Sandra Studer + Sue Mathys

  Dir.: Dominik Flaschka - Production: Casinotheater Winterthur

-"Honkystonky by Huttystucky"                                                                        2006

  Musical for children by/with GH + Erika Stucky + Shirley Hoffmann

  Dir.: Ueli Bichsel - Production: Brothers&Sisters

- „Wanderful – There’s no Piz, like Show Piz“                                                  2014

  Musical by/with Gardi Hutter + Sandra Studer + Michael von der Heide

  Dir.: Dominik Flaschka - Production: Just4fun/ Theater am Hechtplatz, Zürich


- As fool charwoman, performance in the Swiss National Parliament

  for the 700 year celebration of Switzerland                                                 1991

- Actress at the Theater of Zurich in "Romolo the Great" (Rea) di F. Dürrenmatt      1997/98

- Court jester at Festspiel "700 years of Altstätten"                                                 1998

Cultural awards

- "Schweizer Kleinkunstpreis" (Swiss theatre Award)                  (CH) 2005

- "Hans Reinhart Ring" (The ring of Hans Reinhart)                      (CH) 1990

- St.Galler Kulturpreis                                                                      (CH) 1996

- Narrenkappe von Frauenfeld                                                          (CH) 2001

- Lolipop-Children's Swiss Music Award                                           (CH) 2007

- Price ARTISTIKA , Artistikfestival, Visp                                         (CH) 2013

- Oberschwäbischer Kleinkunstpreis - Ravensburg                       (D) 1991

- Kleinkunstigel - Buxtehude                                                 (D) 1989

- Knurrhahn - Wilhelmshaven                                                           (D) 1987

- Prix Blanc et Noir - St.Gervais                                                       (F) 1988

- Prix de la Presse - Cannes                                                 (F) 1987

- Overall Excellence Award – Outstanding Actor - FringeNYC - New York                         (USA) 2007

- Premio Fipa al millor espectacle - Festival Internacional de Pallasses d’ Andorra          (AD)    2007

-"La Stella de l’Arlecchino errante" "Festival de l’Arlecchino errante", Pordenone      (I)         2013

- Member of ACADEMY OF FOOLS – Dir: Slava Polunin – Moscow                               (RU)   2015


Workshop, Seminar, Masterclass in: „Physical theatre – Clown theatre“ at University of Zurich (ZHdK), University of Leipzig (Theatre Institute) and in festivals all over the world.

Books about GH      

- "Gardi Hutter – die CLOWNerin" - by S+H Moser-Ehinger - Panorama Ed.                  1985

- Jahresspiegel aus der Schweizer Prominenz - L. Wiedmer-Zingg - Ed. Hallwag AG     1990

- "Les Suisses qui font rire" - by Cathrine Prélaz - Ed.: Promoéditions SA                                    1991

- "Unter vier Augen" by Benita Cantieni - Ed.: Orell Füssli                                                     1994


3 books for children - Illustration: Cathrine Louis - Ed: Nord-Süd

Translations in german, french, dutch, korean, thai, chinese

- Mamma mia! lass das Zaubern                                                     1997

- Mamma mia! was haben wir geweint                                           1999

- Mamma mia!   geh nicht weg                                                        2001

1 book for adults

- Der kleine See und das Meer - Ed: Sauerländer (in german)        2001


- Gardi - the infinity of the game      by Kuno Bont - Production: Tukan Film                                                                       2012

-.Hanna & Rocky                               Dir.: Beat Kuert - Buch: Hutter/Kuert - Prod: al Castello                                   1993

- Fata Morgana                                  Prod.:Cinégroupe, Dir.: M. Schillig -1989                                                    1989

- Alles bleibt anders                          Dir.: Güzin Kar - 2006 (Maria)                                                                           2006 (Maria)

- Tell                                                   Regie: Mike Eschmann -                                                                                   2007 (Helvetia)