The prompter - technical data

Technical data  “The prompter” of Gardi Hutter
Length of show 90 minutes - without break
Arrival of the company 7 - 8 hours before the beginning of the show
For questions  ROSARIO ILARDO     + 41 (0)78 865 99 00 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ideal: 8m width, 6m depth, 4m heights
Minimal: 6 x 4.5 x 3.3 m!!!

Ideal : black box - most neutral if possible
Curtain: Till the beginning of the show the scenery must be hidden! (On at least 8m wide)

Version ideal direction 18 channels à 2000 W (see plan view)
20 - 40 lighthouses: 12 PCs with flags + 10 sagomatori with iris
! Light minimum version: directed to 12 channels - 1 shaper with iris - PC 10 with a 1000 W flags!
Light in the front room at different distances from the stage (American) and light on stage
! Note: For large salt version minimum is not enough. In this case the host is
Responsible to provide the missing material.
Taken: on stage: 3 channels ranging director light + 1 outlet
A CD player + mixer (by volume) + 2 top speakers in the room + 2 in the bottom stage.
(Amplification must ensure a force suited to the room size)
Portable microphone only necessary: in tents - open air - in very large halls
! Important: sound technique and the light should be directed at the same place or there must be an intercom
Begins 7 - 8 hours before the performance (stage and lights)
! Staff: 1 - 2 people for the art assembly and disassembly (1 - 1.5 hours)
1 - 2 technicians for mounting lights and sound (5 hours)
Pause dinner 1.5 hours before the performance (appreciates hot kitchen).
The stage remains busy throughout the time of assembly and after heating for the artist.
Restroom Mineral water without gas

Merchandising: we need a table for selling of programms, videos and booksAttenzione!

Attention: this technical requirements are part of the contract.
If we can’t do the show for technical reasons, the theatre is responsable


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