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The tailor Joan of ArPpo/The brave Jane The prompter Cheese!


The tailor


His world is the table of tailoring. Peering between the eyelets you can see through the fabric of a thousand stories.

Among rag dolls and mannequins dancing, Gardi Hutter sews the plot of the show without sparing snips and malice.
In the sewing box open abyss and with so many spools, even fate can lose the thread


Gardi Hutter & Michael Vogel (Family Flöz) create, with the tailor, a play on the finitude of being and the infinity of the game. Outside of time.


of Gardi Hutter & Michael Vogel
Artist: Gardi Hutter
Staging: Michael Vogel (Familie Flöz)

Music: Franui                                  
Sound: Dirk Schröder
Video: Andreas DihmSartaScenografia: Urs Moesch
Lights: Reinhard Hubert
Parner: Ferruccio Cainero
Technicians: Raffaella Benini, Andrea Cosentino

Grafic: Stephan Bundi

The prompter

Prompters, as a species of the root vegetable family, are threatened by extinction. They always look up to the world. Out from the hole, so to speak. They know the whole play and all the actors by heart. But nobody knows them. Their prompting is only desired when the actors lose their thread in the spotlight. Hanna, the prompter, lives for the theatre. And under the theatre. She’s made herself comfortable in the underground of the stage.
That way she can practically work from her bed and only has to dress up to her chest. You don’t see any more of her anyway. For the audience, she is invisible. Hanna works with dedication. She knows all actors by their voice – and by the smell of their feet. It’s a solitary life, but not a bad one. She’s come to terms with it and enjoys herself in her own, cranky way.
One day, the old theatre closes to make way for a new, modern theatre. Unfortunately, nobody remembered to tell the prompter the good news.

By:  Gardi Hutter & Michael Vogel.

Clown : Gardi Hutter.

Director : Michael Vogel (Family Flöz)

Music : Franui.

Sound : Dirk Schöder.

Video: Andreas Dihm.

Scenography : Urs Moesh.

Light design: Reinhard Hubert
Gags: Ferruccio Cainero
Technic: Raffaella Benini, Andrea Cosentino
Graphic/Foto: Stephan Bund



Escrita por Gardi Hutter y Michael Vogel.

Interpretación : Gardi Hutter.

Dirección : Michael Vogel (Familia Flöz)

Música : Franui.

Sonido : Dirk Schöder.

Video: Andreas Dihm.

Escenografía : Urs Moesh.

Diseño de iluminación: Reinhard Hubert
Asesoría Gags: Ferruccio Cainero
Técnicos: Raffaella Benini, Andrea Cosentino
Diseño Gráfico: Stephan Bund

Joan of ArPpo/ The brave Jane

Hanna, a washwoman who dreams of great heroic deeds, tousled and airy-fairy, doesn’t have an easy life.
Unmanageable clothespins, sneaky laundry lines, a washing basin with dizzying abysses and – most of all – a dirty and lazy pile of laundry can only be overcome with great cunning.
Hanna’s only gleam of hope is her book about the heroic deeds of Joan of Arc, which she devotedly reads during her breaks.
Yes! She would trade her lonely and exhausting life in a second for adventures, glory and honour. Dream and reality immingle, lose their boundaries. The washing trough becomes a warship, the pile of laundry the battle horse... even pants „come flying down from the skies“ and dub her knight: Long live Joan of ArPpo!
For lack of foreign conquerors she declares war on her bitterest enemy without further ado: the huge pile of dirty laundry.
Neither brawls nor drinking bouts, neither treachery nor cowardice can discourage the brave heroine, who – armed with pans and buckets – puts up a good fight.
But little people have a hard time in stepping out from someone’s shadow... and Hanna heroically drowns in her washing basin.



A hungry mouse longingly watches a round cheese from a telescope stove pipe - so close and at the same time so unreachable: It dangles in a mousetrap! The ancestral portraits that dangle from the frame of the trap are warning enough for the mouse not to abandon herself so foolishly to „her beloved“. And yet, with persistence and cunning she manages to get herself the cheese without getting caught in the trap.
Cheese... Already the smell turns her knees to jelly. She’s addicted. She wants more, more... a fondue!!
Her greed makes her careless. Suddenly, she is in the trap. Her heart sinks into her boots – but she doesn’t get caught in the trap – the trap has started to rust. Now, the nice life in the detached family trap house can begin! The „prosperity mouse“ makes herself comfortable in her own little paradise: swing, TV, flowers, a flag: all cheese!
She has gotten fat and lazy. Boredom starts to creep in. Her dreams taste dusty. Even the most intensive cleaning program can’t drown the upcoming annoyance.
Then she sees the golden moon in the sky: „That is a cheese!!!“

What is gold for men is cheese for the mouse. Here the gold fever, there the cheese fever. Both lives are races full of obstacles – for gold, money or cheese, and they often risk their necks, too. And when they have been able to pile a lot of it, their main worry becomes the protection and augmentation of their riches. They also want all their dreams to come true... And that is where the devil chases its own tail. And so does the mouse!